Guidelines and Rules

Cyber challenge 2012 competitors should strictly follow the following guidelines:

  1. Ethiopians and generations of Ethiopians living all over the world are eligible to participate on the challenge.
  2. There are two tracks, Excellence Cyber Challenge Track (Professionals) and Students Cyber Challenge Track. Applicants should select the right track applicable for them. Those who select students track should submit justifiable information that shows they are students and do not have professional work experience in the area they are competing.
  3. Competitors should be registered and select their area of competition from the lists. If they believe their work is not included in the areas mentioned, they can select others category. All information should be filled properly and genuinely with in the given registration period.
  4. Registered Competitors will get detail guidelines and rules on their dashboard during the submission period. The submission period will start at the completion of the registration period.
  5. Competitors should visit their dashboard regularly since additional information and their result will be notified using their dashboard. Email and phone communication may not be applied unless it is required.
  6. Competitors should submit works that:
    • are original, innovative, and demonstrable
    • solve real world complex problems that will contribute for the nation
    • demonstrate high level of knowledge and skill
  7. Similar or nearly similar work should not be submitted more than once.
  8. Any application which is submitted after the deadline will not be considered
  9. Competitors must be available for any contact if required.
  10. Competitors must submit true and accurate information, and join the competition with his/her true identity. If a competitor has submitted inaccurate or incomplete information, the competitor will be disqualified.
  11. INSA have the sole discretion to cancel, modify or suspend the competition. Competitors are not entitled to any compensation claim based on the cancellation, modification or suspension of the competition.
  12. The decision of INSA is final for all competition-related matters and all stakeholders shall not raise any objection on the decision.
  13. The information, photos and videos relating to the Competition may be published in the publications or the website of the agency, sponsors and supporting organizations for publicity purpose as required.